Vladhog Security Bot

I. Our position regarding the use of our services

We believe that anyone has the right to use our services for free, but we will not tolerate abuse of our service and/or selling it to anyone  

II. About abuse

1. Abuse of the service is considered:
      A. - Targeted actions aimed at disrupting the operation of the service.
      B. - Using vulnerabilities or shortcomings of the service to disrupt its operation or cause harm to Vladhog Development.
      C. - Using the service for the purpose of harming someone.

2. We will ban people/block content for:
      A. - Pedophile content or any other content that is against laws (US/UK/EU/Russia Federation)
      B. - Distribution, creation, sale and any other actions related to malicious software and/or malicious domains/links.
      C. - At the official request of representatives of law enforcement agencies and/or organizations that cooperate with Vladhog Security with evidence of the reason for the request. The evidence will eventually be stored on the side of Vladhog Security, and the appeal is conducted through the organization that requested the blocking.

III. Who is responsible

Administrators of the servers where the bot is located are responsible for preventing abuse of our service (II all cases in point 1) but in certain cases, the responsibility may be borne by the individual user who violated terms of our service (II all cases in point 2). If we detect suspicious activity on a particular server, we will send a notification to the server owner. If the administration of the server on which violations were detected did not respond within the specified period (the period is indicated in the notification), then we have the right to take measures to counteract abuse.

IV. Measures to counteract abuse

If abuse is detected on a particular server, we will add the server owner to the blacklist (II all cases in point 1) and/or user who violated terms of service (II all cases in point 2), which means:
      1. The banned user will not be able to add the bot to his server, but will still be able to use the bot's services on other servers.
      2. Information about user id and reason why user was banned can can be transmitted to organizations that cooperate with Vladhog Security and/or representatives of law enforcement agencies.

If you was added to the blacklist by mistake, then you can write us an email: [email protected]