Vladhog Security Bot

What information do we collect?

 First of all, we collect only statistical information which includes:
     - Name, server id and server owner id.
     - Number of members on the server.
     - How many files/links/qrcodes was scanned on server.
     - How many malicious was found on server.
     - Filename/url/qrcode, hash and on which server file/link/qrcode was scanned.

What information do we get when manually checking messages?

While checking messages containing files, the file you sent is temporarily stored on the server. When we receive a file, we do not know any information about the sender, when we check files or links, we only get:

- The name of the file, the link/file itself.

- sha3-512 hash.

- id of the server from which the file was received and owner id.

All files on the server are stored encrypted.
After the check is completed, the file is deleted using the Gutman method.

Can I get or delete the information you store about me?

You can request data or data deletion by mail: [email protected]

After that, you will be sent a complete list of information that is on our servers or that we have deleted about you.

How long my data stored?

All collected data stored no longer then 30 days.

Experimental data stored no longer then 3 hours.

Vladhog Security Experiments

While experiments, we are collecting experimental data without member id or any information, that can be used to identify message author

By enabling "Participate in experiments" settings in dashboard, you agree for collection of experimental data

Experimental data is message content, discord embeds or texts that being sent by members in discord.

Third Party companies

During the automatic file verification, the files are transferred to Virustotal

For proper work of Anti doxxing service, we translate your messages with Google Translator


Privacy Policy version from 30.11.2023